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Dr. Veronica E Adetunji



Veronica Eyihuri ADETUNJI
 Academic and Professional Qualifications 

DVM, MVPH (Ibadan)



Area of Specialisation

Zoo and Wildlife Medicine


Veterinary Public Health & Preventive Medicine, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.
Tel: +234(0)8025918866
Phone numbers: (+234) (0) 8025918866, 8097350025



 (c)    Articles that have already appeared in Refereed  Conference Proceedings:
1. .    Ogunro B.N, Adetunji V.E, Ogunsola J.O and Antia R.E (2015) Haematology and clinical chemistry of two honey badgers Mellivora capensis Proceedings of 52nd Annual Congress of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association held at  Port Harcourt, 16-20 November, 2015.

2.    Tijani GF; Ajani EK; Agbede SA and Adetunji VE (2015) Effects of Fish Oil Replacement with vegetable on the performance of Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1821) Post-juveniles. Proceedings of 30thFison Annual Conference, November 22-27, 2015.

3.    Adetunji, V.E., Ogunsola J.O  and Adeyemo, O.K. (2017). Evaluation of the use of Keatmine-Diazepam combination in immobilization of African land tortoise Geochelone species. Proceeding of 49TH Annual American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (AAZV) Conference held at Frisco Dallas, Texas, September 23th-October 2nd 2017

(d)    Patents: None

(e)    Articles that have already appeared in Learned Journals:
4.    Adeyemi, I.G; Adetunji, V.O.; James, V.E. and Alonge, D.O. (2005) Ten-year retrospective evaluation of vaccination of dogs against rabies at the University of Ibadan. African Journal of Biomedical Research, 8: 71-77.

5.     Adetunji V.E and Ogunlami D (2012) Demography of zoo animals in four zoological gardens in South-western Nigeria.Tropical Veterinarian 30 (3) 114-124.

6.    Adetunji,V.E (2014)Prevalence of gastro-intestinal parasites in primates and their keepers from two zoological gardens in Ibadan, Nigeria.Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences  12(2): 25- 30

7.    Adetunji, V.E.and Adesope, A. (2014) Some causes of mortalities in captive wild animals in Ibadan. Nigerian Veterinary Journal 35(2)  

8.    Alarape, S.A., Hussein T.O., Adetunji, V.E. and Adeyemo, O.K. (2015). Skeletal and Other Morphological Abnormalities in Cultured Nigerian African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus, Burchell 1822). International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies, 2(5): 20-25.  

9.    Ogunsola J.O and Adetunji, V.E. (2018) Use of diazepam-ketamine in prevention of capture myopathy in the ostrich (struthio camelus): Short Communication. Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences 16(1):86-89