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History : Department of Veterinary Pathology

 The Department of Veterinary Pathology was established in 1970 originally to provide courses in Pathology, Microbiology and Parasitology. The department now provides courses in General Pathology, Systemic Pathology, Nutritional and Toxicological Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Poultry Pathology, Exfoliative and Ultra-structural Pathology, Necropsy Diagnosis and Experimental Pathology. The Department provides diagnostic services to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Zoological Gardens, University of Ibadan Teaching and Research Farm, pet owners and other animal production facilities throughout Nigeria. The Department has programmes of research in ruminant diseases such as trypanosomosis, pneumo-enteritis, poultry diseases and nutritional and environmental pathology. The research programmes are focused on diseases of both economic and public health importance. The Department collaborates with other Departments in the College of Medicine and Faculties of Agriculture and Forestry and Science in research on basic processes of disease.