VSR 521: Veterinary Gynaeacology Credit Units: 3, 451

A lecture course on the functions and clinical examination of female reproductive organs of large animals, puberty and sexual reproductive hormones and glands, oesterous cycle, acts of copulation, fertilization and gestation, anomalies of foetal development (including genetic and acquired causes); oogenesis disturbances of ovulation and nidation; Courses of infertility and sterility in female animals. Diseases influencing sexual functions.

Remarks: Clinical core course, Concurrent with VTR 531.

VTR 531 Theriogenology Clinics Credit Unit: 3

Clinical training of students with emphasis on the handling of gaenecological cases, treatment of infertility in animals. Instrumentation, Micurtopy, and Pregnancy diagnosis.Remark: Clinical core course, Concurrent with VTR 521.

VTR 612 Andrology and Artificial insermination Credit Units ,2,30L

Clinical examination of the male reproductive organs; Service behaviours; Male infertility; Diseases of tests and accessory sex organs.Serving ability and semen disorders.Inability of male to copulate or fertilize.History of artificial insemination, its advantages and disadvantage, handling evaluation, dilution, storage, deep freezing and artificial insemination-semen collection, evaluation, processing, storage, transportation and insemination techniques.Reproductive disorders affecting insemination.Remarks: Clinical core course. Concurrent with VTR 632