Prof. Simeon I. B. CADMUS

Prof. Simeon I. B. CADMUSDr. Simeon I. B. CADMUS

DVM, MVPH, Ph.D. (Ibadan)



Area of Specialization:

Bacterial Zoonoses and Food Hygiene(Veterinary Public Health)Member, Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association

Member, American Society of Microbiology


Room 001, Immunology Laboratory Building Department of Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Tel. 00 234 (0) 802 375 1093

Email: [email protected]


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Long Term Goals:

To set-up a TB Research Centre in Nigeria for the training of scientists who will be involved in providing laboratory support to hospitals and other healthcare centres. This centre will also among other things lead in the investigation of modern diagnostic tools for the diagnosis, treatment and control of TB in Nigeria as well as provide basic epidemiological data on TB in the country.

Professional Vision:

To participate in the discovery of techniques, methods and treatments that will bring about the control and eradication of tuberculosis in both humans and animals in Nigeria and the world at large.

Current Research Projects:

a) Improving Benefits of Urban and Peri-urban Production through Management of Associated Human and Environmental Health Risks in Nigeria (with emphasis on Tuberculosis) IDRC/ILRI Funded Project

b) Drug-Susceptibility studies on some strains of M. tuberculosis and M. bovis isolated from TB-Patients and Cattle in Ibadan, South-western Nigeria.


c) Pilot study on the incidence of Cryptosporidiosis in children in Ibadan, South  western Nigeria.

d) Determining the burden of zoonotic transmission of tuberculosis in Nigeria: A study to inform public health policy making. (John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur / University of Ibadan Re-entry Grant 2006)

e) Antituberculosis evaluation of 20 of medical plants identified from the south west Nigerian ethnomedicine (University of Ibadan Multidisciplinary Senate Research Grant 2007).




My research activities have been targeted at providing valuable information and clues to promoting public health in the areas of:
i. Bacterial and Protozoan Zoonoses.
ii. Conventional/molecular epidemiology and diagnosis of tuberculosis in humans and animals.
iii. Epidemiology of brucellosis in humans and animals iii. Food Safety and Hygiene. These are reflected in some of the publications below:

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Foreign Training:

1. 2006- Short-term Training in Molecular Tools and Epidemiology of Tuberculosis, Institut Pasteur, Paris

2. Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (Dr. Ying Zhang Laboratory)

Studies on Drug Susceptibility in Multi-Drug Resistance Strains of TB.

3. University of Pennsylvania, Department of Infectious Disease (Prof. Rubin Harvey's Laboratory. 2-weeks Laboratory Training in Biochemical Dynamics of Tuberculosis.


4. (Veterinary Laboratories Agency, United Kingdom) from January 28th March 31st 2004 on:


i. Processing of bovine tissues for TB diagnosis.


ii. Molecular typing of M. bovis.


iii. Techniques of ruminant immunology relevant to the assessment of immune responses in cattle infected with bovine TB.