Prof James Olukayode OLOPADE

Name:  Prof James Olukayode OLOPADE
Tel:        08023860829
         (a) University of Ibadan, Nigeria      1986 –1992 (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)                 
         (b) University of Ibadan, Nigeria      2000 –2003 (M.Sc. Veterinary Anatomy)                   
         (c) University of Ibadan, Nigeria      2003 –2006 (PhD Veterinary Anatomy)
        (d) College of Veterinary Surgeons of Nigeria 2014 (Fellowship, Medicine discipline)
Comparative Craniofacial Anatomy and Neuroscience


(a)    Best Lecturer (Pre-Clinical) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine- Given by Association of Veterinary Medical Students, University of Ibadan, Ibadan. Nigeria, 2000, 2012
(b)    Alumni Marine Biology Laboratory Neurobiology Course, Woodshole, USA, 2007.
(c)    Copyright for the discovery of a depression in the skull of Goats in Nigeria to be called “Caudofrontal Depression of Olopade”. Nigerian Copyright Commission No. CN/L/0056. 2007
(d)   University of Ibadan Postgraduate School award for publications from PhD thesis, 2007 and 2008.
(e)    IBRO Research Fellowship, 2008
(f)    MacArthur Overseas Trainings Grant, University of Ibadan, 2009
(g)    Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, 2010


(a)          University Senate Research Grant for the Study of Vanadium Neurotoxicity Amongst Goats in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, 2006.
(b)    Committee for Aid for Education in Neuroscience of ISN (International Society of Neurochemistry) grant. The Ameliorating Effects of Some Natural Plants on Vanadium Toxicity in the Brain of Rats, 2009.
(c)           Alexander von Humboldt Return Home Fellowship Grant for Studies on Effect of Vanadium Withdrawal on Brain Development, 2011.
(d)    IBRO Return Home Grant for the Study of Neuroprotective Chelators against Vanadium Toxicity, 2012
(e) The World Academy of Science (TWAS) grant for Postnatal Neurocellular Development of the African Giant Rat, 2013.
(f) University of Ibadan Research Foundation Grant on Development and Characterization of Adult Neural Stem Cell from African Giant Rat, 2014
1. Sub-Dean (Undergraduate), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Ibadan, 2003-2005.
2. Chairman, Experimental Animal Unit and Faculty Ethics Committee, 2010-2011(11)   
 3. Chairman, Senate Committee on Admissions, 2014
4. Editor in Chief Nigerian Vaterinary Journal, 2011-date
4. Head of Department, Veterinary Anatomy, 2014
a)      Peer Reviewed Journal Articles.
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