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I.G. AdeyemiI.G. Adeyemi

DVM, MPVM, PhD (Ib), MScTVPHFH, PGDTVM (Berlin) Cert.Epid&Econs(Felderfing)


(Preventive Medicine Epizootiology, Food Safety and Vector Control, Veterinary Extention).

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Acting Head of Department

Honors, Distinctions and Membership of Learned Societies

a) Member of Senate,University of Ibadan (1998-Date)

b)Consultant to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, University of Ibadan (1996-Date)

c) Chairman Eruwa Veterinary Field Station(Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Ibadan)(2000-Date)

d)Assistant Warden Kuti Hall University of Ibadan (1993-2003)

e) Postgraduate coordinator department of veterinary public Health and Preventive Medicine (2003-2006)

f) Acting Head of Department ,Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine University of Ibadan (2006-Date)

g) Member Nigerian veterinary Medical Association

h) Member Berlin Alumni Network.

VIII. Field of Specialization:Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary epizootiology, Vector Control, Food Safety, Veterinary Extension.

IX. Current Research Topics:

Veterinary Extension

Control of African Trypanosomosis

Tsetse Files Eradication

Animal Vaccines and Vaccination

Rabies Control

Epizootic intelligence and disease

Articles in learned journal


Books or chapters in Books already published: NIL

ii Patients: NIL

iii Articles that have already appeared in learned journals

1.    Ijagbone.I.F., Esuruoso. G.O., Adeyemi, I.G., Olugasa B. O, And Agbede, S.A.(2005). An outbreak of animal Trypanosomosis in Fulani Heard at Idofian in Kwara State. Vom journal of veterinary science vol.1 (2) 76-79.

2.   Adeyemi I.G.; Adetunji V.O; Alonge, D.O. (2005). Ten-Year (1993-2002) Retrospective Evaluation of Vaccination of Dogs against Rabies at the University of Ibadan Nigeria. African journal of Biomedical Research, 8:(2); 71-77.

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10.    Adeyemi, I.G., (1997), Rabbies still a public health problem in Nigeria. A ten year retrospective survey in Ibadan city (1986 - 1995) proceedings of the 34th Annual National Congress of the Nig. Med.Ass.Osogbo,Osun State,Nigeria Oct 27th -31st 997,P37-40.

11.    Adeyemi I.G,Esuruoso,G.O(1997).City resident tsetse fly: Preliminary Epizootiological Investigation in Ibadan,South Western Nigeria .Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics (ISVEE) 8-11 July,1997,Paris,France,P.4-6.

12.    Adeyemi, I.G, J.O.Ikheloa and G.A.T. Ogundipe(1993) Microbial contaminants found in low egg passage rabies vaccine used in Nigeria, J.Vet.Med . b 40,676-680. Read Abstract

13.    Adeyemi, I.G., Agbede,S.A., Alonge, D.O. Ayanwale,F.O. and Esuruoso,G.O. (1991).Epizootiologic and anthropophilic deflecton of scrcopies scabies vars caprae (goat mange) in a village in Oyo State,South West Nigeria. Tropical Vet Vol. 9:72-77.

14.   Ayanwale,F.O., S.A., Agbede and I.G., Adeyemi(1991). Delayed hypersensitivity response to PPD tuberculin in bilateral caudal fold testing in Zebu cattle.Veterinarski Arhiv 61 (6) 381-385.

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27.   Adeyemi I.G.; Adetunji.V.O.;Alonge.D.O.;(2005) Ten-years(1992-2002) retrospective evaluation of vaccination of dogs against rabies at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. African journal of biomedical research,8(Z):71-77

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