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Courses : Department of Veterinary Public health and Preventive medicine



First Semester                        Courses
VPH 411:                   Veterinary Biostatistics
VPM 512:                   Epizootiology and specific diseases prevention techniques
VPH 513:                   Food (Meat and Milk) Hygiene
VPM 616:                   Rural Posting
VPM 617:                   Veterinary jurisprudence, ethics and extension
VPM 618:                   Veterinary  economics and business management
Second Semester                   Courses
VPM 422:                   Field Practice : Epidemiology and Public Health
VPH 524:                   Animal by-product utilization and inspection
VPH 525:                   Zoonoses and environment health
AVM 1                       Wildlife and Fish Ecology, Management and Diseases
VPH 531:                   Public Health and Preventive Medicine Clinics I
VPM 629:                   Computer application in veterinary practice
VPM 632:                   Public Health and Preventive Medicine Clinics II
VPH/VPM 639:         Project.