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History : Department of Veterinary Public health and Preventive medicine


The Department of Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine was established in October 1975 in the 1974/1975 academic session). It was one of the four foundation departments that made up the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at her inception. The Heads of Department from inception include;
Professor G.O. Esuruoso               1975-1981
Dr. F.O. Ayanwale                           1982-1982 (Acting)        
Professor G.O. Esuruoso               1982-1986
Dr. F.O. Ayanwale                           1986-1988 (Acting)
Dr. D.O. Alonge                               1988-1991 (Acting)
Dr. F.O. Ayanwale                           1991-1993 (Acting)
Dr. S.A. Agbede                              1993-1995 (Acting)
Professor D.O. Alonge                   1995-1995
Dr. G.A.T. Ogundipe                       1995-1998 (Acting)
Dr. S.A. Agbede                              1998-2000 (Acting)
Professor D.O. Alonge                   2000-2003
Dr. G.A.T. Ogundipe                        2003-2005 (Acting)
Professor G.A.T. Ogundipe            2005-2005
Professor S.A. Agbede                   2005-2006
Dr. I.G. Adeyemi                              2006-2008 (Acting)
Dr. O.O. Babalobi                            2008-2010 (Acting)
Professor G.A.T. Ogundipe            2010-2014.
Dr Olayinka O Ishola                       2014- 2016 (Acting)
Professor Olanike K. Adeyemo      2016-2017
Professor S.I.B Cadmus                 2017 till date
Between 1979 and 1981, Professor G.O. Esuruoso pushed for the establihment of a National Zoonoses Centre as a centre of exellence for research on zoonoses. This was pproved by the National Livestock Development Committee on January 15, 1982.
Efforts are being made to reactivate the centre.