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Undergraduate Courses
First Semester Courses
VPR I: Introduction to Veterinary Parasitology
VPR II: Veterinary Helminthology
VPR V: Clinical Veterinary Parasitology

Second Semester Courses
VPR III: Veterinary Entomology
VPR IV: Veterinary Protozoology
VPR V: Clinical Veterinary Parasitology
VPR VI: Project.

Postgraduate (MSc. And MVSc. courses)
VMP 710 General Principles of Parasitology
VPM 711 Diagnostic Parasitology
VMP 712 Diseases caused by Helminths
VMP 713 Diseases caused by Protozoans
VMP 714 Laboratory Identification of Helminths and Protozoans
VMP 725 Taxonomy of Parasitic Arthropods
VMP 716 Parasitic Insects
VMP 727 Parasitic Acarines
VMP 728 Laboratory Identification of Arthropods
VMP 729 Wildlife Parasitology and Ecology
VMP 720 Seminar
VMP 730 Project