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History : Department of Veterinary Medicine

The Department of Veterinary Medicine was first established in 1963 and later re-designated the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery in 1970. However, with the creation of more departments in 1976, the Department reverted to its original name of Veterinary Medicine. It is responsible for courses in clinical medicine, animal management and hygiene, diseases of avian/poultry, aquatic animals, ruminants, swine, canine, feline, laboratory and zoo animals. It also provides, in collaboration with other departments in the Faculty, animal health courses for Agriculture students as well as clinical services to the Teaching & Research Farm as well as the Zoological Gardens, both of the University, via the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
Research activities of staff include clinical studies, diagnostic methods and control of economically important diseases of Companion and Food animals in Nigeria. The Department provides ambulatory clinics and extension services to poultry and livestock farmers as part of the field clinical teachings for clinical students.